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Welcome to SECUSS-L, a free electronic forum for Education Abroad professionals! We're happy to have you join us. This web-based version of the SECUSS-L Welcome Letter is meant to supplement the guidelines received by all new subscribers. The SECUSS-L guidelines were originally approved in 1996 and have been updated yearly since.  Furthermore the SECUSS-L management has created an updated set of SECUSS-L Appropriate Use Guidelines for members which you can access through this web site.  Membership in or affiliation with any given professional organization has never been a requirement for membership in this listserv.  Members however have always been expected to the list serv guidelines for appropriate use and to  maintain the highest level of standards, professional courtesy and ethics throughout their discourse and postings to SECUSS-L.  List subscribers are expected to read the guidelines message before using SECUSS-L -- and to keep a copy of it or bookmark this page for future reference. Thanks and welcome aboard!

COMMERCIAL USE OF SECUSS-L:  Note that SECUSS-L is hosted as a professional service by the University of Buffalo, public university.  Recall that SECUSS-L policy is that no overtly commercial activity should be posted to SECUSS-L.  What constitutes advertising or commercial activity on SECUSS-L is determined by the List managers according to guidelines announced on December 13, 2010. see link below

DISCLAIMER:  SECUSS-L is an independent list managed by volunteers -- not affiliated or sponsored by a specific organization and established for the sole purpose of sharing information on subjects related to education abroad. Members are not subject to the paying of dues, etc. however as part of the subscription to the list subscribers agree to a common set of rules of etiquette and appropriate use.  The co-managers thank the University of South Alabama, the Alabama Council for International Programs and the University of Buffalo for providing access to the list-server functions and home page web hosting locations as a service to the field of international education. 2/07/2008.  Problems with this site should be addressed to: or

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SECUSS-L  A Brief History


SECUSS-L Etiquette, Policies and Appropriate Use Guidelines

SECUSS-L Disclaimer

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Some Common Commands:

To subscribe/unsubscribe go to: and put in SECUSS-L as the list. This will allow you to join the list.

To get or reset your account password for SECUSS-L please look at this page of the listserv's site:   As the registration paragraph indicates "If you already had a LISTSERV password but cannot remember what it was, this procedure will automatically replace your existing password with the new one you will be entering below."

To access the archives you will need to use the abovementioned or go to: .


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ALL: SECUSS-L Advisory re Posting Guideline - Use of list for commercial purposes

On Mon, Dec 13, 2010 at 8:16 AM, co mgr secuss-l <> wrote:

Recent postings over the past six months have increasingly raised concerns about how SECUSS-L is being used by some subscribers as a vehicle for
overtly commercial purposes. Please recall that SECUSS-L policy is that no advertising or commercial activity should be posted to SECUSS-L.
What constitutes advertising or commercial activity on SECUSS-L is determined by the List managers according to:

1) The number and nature (content) of postings from any given subscriber.

2) The use of strategies such as summaries, newsletters, articles, blogs, tweets, etc.. that are primarily inducements to attract individuals to what is
an advertising supported or commercial business activity.

What should you, the subscriber, keep in mind:

SECUSS-L uses topics:  DISC: (Discussions:)  postings with questions and discussion about YYYY and PROG: (Programs:) brief announcements - a public statement or a communication (in this case written) setting forth particulars or facts, etc. on the specific subject or topic in this case based on the above SECUSS-L guideline about program activity related to study abroad (programs, conferences, etc.).

Finally as SECUSS-L  is hosted by a public university (we have one of the largest  listservs at this site), we need to carefully adhere to the non-commercial purposes of our list and keep an eye on the system resource use. Increasingly interactive "blog/twitter" style repeated posts and similar  resource intensive approaches as well as more commercial systematic announcement mechanisms clearly change the nature of the list and the resource utilization.

Our concern also goes deeper in that increasingly filters and other mechanisms used by subscriber ISP's are generating rejection error messages associated with some  SECUSS-L postings and which we are attempting to understand  better.  Thus our cautionary note to you and to subscribers in general which we hope tobe making in the next few weeks as we work  through the challenges of this new internet world.

We therefore ask for each subscriber to carefully consider the above when posting.  We do not currently screen or review every posting; as
postings come to our attention we will advise you of our concerns if there are any.

Jim, Art, Soren, Melissa, Rosalind

Co Managers SECUSS-L
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This service is a forum for study abroad professionals with open subscription to all interested parties.  This listserv service is a volunteer activity not formally/officially affiliated with any other professional organization however as a core principle the management of this listserv adheres to the codes of professional standards and ethics of NAFSA and of other professional organizations supporting the US education abroad community.

>>>> DISCLAIMER - First please read the following carefully:

By subscribing to SECUSS-L each member agrees to abide by the SECUSS-L guidelines and appropriate use policies. By posting messages to SECUSS-L the authors of said postings acknowledge that they are solely
and legally responsible for any views expressed or information that they post on this public network. Replies to the list are not allowed and such should be sent directly to those posting the message or topic of interest.

To access SECUSS-L archives, update/modify your subscription or to contact the list owners go to:

SECUSS-L is an independent list managed by volunteers -- not affiliated or sponsored by a specific organization and established for the sole purpose of sharing information on subjects related to education abroad. Members are not subject to the paying of dues, etc. however as part of the subscription to the list subscribers agree to a common set of rules of etiquette and appropriate use.

The SECUSS-L management team reserves the right to manage the list based on SECUSS-L guidelines including the placing of subscribers into review mode, the list into moderated mode or apply other remedies as deemed appropriate without prior notice.


Furthermore members recognize that list guidelines strictly prohibit use of this forum for anything other than professional discourse (Topic: DISCUSSION or DISC) and program announcements (Topic: PROGRAMS or PROG).  Discourse for the purpose of SECUSS-L is defined briefly as, for example, discussion of professional development opportunities, asking questions, asking about other people’s programs (“Are there any summer programs in France?”), discussing international education policy, how study abroad offices are structured and funded, professional practice methods. 

In addition to the standards noted specifically in the SECUSS-L guidelines, we note that professional standards of ethical conduct across a wide variety work environments, including electronic forums, also prohibits personal commentary in response to individual messages or opinions, as well as discussions of specific application of professional standards to an individual case in a public forum.  Members of SECUSS-L should apprise themselves of the NAFSA:AIE code of professional ethics and those of any professional organizations accrediting or associated with their organizations.

In the case of repeated or egregious use of the list for reasons other than those cited in the guidelines, SECUSS-L list managers are empowered both to issue warnings privately to individuals who transgress the guidelines, and to impose a suspension as well as revocation of posting privileges as needed.  List managers, who are unpaid volunteers, do and will make every effort to enforce these guidelines according to commonly accepted standards of professional practice (NAFSA) and after due review by the SECUSS-L management team..

Questions and suggestions about appropriate use guidelines, the revision, development or implementation of list guidelines may be directed to the listserv management team, through

AGAIN please note that SECUSS-l is a volunteer supported electronic discussion forum that does not reporting to any specific organization.  Responsibility for information, views, comments and other information posted on this listserv are the sole responsibility of the subscriber posting said information to the listserv.


A Brief History of SECUSS-L

SECUSS-L is managed by a volunteer team that as of 5/29/2006 is composed of:  Jim Ellis, Arthur Neisberg (alphabetical order) and two other colleagues who serve in an advisory capacity.

If you have questions about SECUSS-L that are not covered below, you may contact the list managers by sending a message to: .

SECUSS-L began around 1991 and was formally founded as an open public service listserv in 1993 by members of the Section on U.S. Students Abroad (SECUSSA), a professional interest section of NAFSA: Association of International Educators. 

SECUSS-L was originally and continues to be intended for campus and overseas advisors, program administrators, and other international educators involved in study and work abroad programming which originates on U.S. college and university campuses or is done in conjunction with overseas educational institutions.  It provides an efficient and open means for study abroad professionals to share knowledge, information, and perspectives with each other, as well as with other professionals in the field. Membership in or affiliation with any given professional organization has never been a requirement for membership in this listserv.  Members however have always been expected to maintain the highest level of standards, professional courtesy and ethics throughout their discourse and postings to SECUSS-L.

SECUSS-L is the only national electronic discussion list dedicated solely to the discussion of education (study, work, internships, etc.) abroad and related issues.  SECUSS-L also offers various TOPICS sub-lists for receiving or posting study and work abroad program announcements.  Subscribers may choose to sign-up to receive these sub-lists, or not.

SECUSS-L is not formally "owned" by NAFSA nor was it owned formally by SECUSSA.  In March of 2005 NAFSA began a major restructuring which resulted in many organizational changes including the absorption of SECUSSA into what is today (01/2006) known as the NAFSA Knowledge Community for Education Abroad.  SECUSS-L however not being a formal structure of NAFSA has elected to continue under its original structure and mission. 

There is no charge nor professional organization membership requirement for being a subscriber to SECUSS-L. Members of SECUSS-L may or may not be affiliated with NAFSA or any other professional organization.  Although many SECUSS-L participants are members of NAFSA and other organizations in the field of international educational exchange (e.g., EAIE , BUTEX, etc.) and although the services, products and policies of such organizations are often discussed by subscribers, SECUSS-L is not affiliated with, overseen or managed by any organization.  List management is overseen by volunteers, and policies are determined by a committee of interested international educators with experience in technology and education abroad issues. Listserv software, server space and technical support are generously provided by the State University of New York's SUNY-Buffalo campus in Buffalo, NY.

SECUSS-L policy and Guidelines for appropriate use were originally set by the then SECUSSA National Team.  Today SECUSS-L is managed by five volunteers from the field of international education (Art Neisberg, Rosalind Raby, Soren Peterson, Melissa Polasik and Jim Ellis.  Please read and follow these guidelines when utilizing SECUSS-L.  It is recommended that you keep a copy of the guidelines and refer to it as needed.  All remaining questions concerning appropriate network use should be directed to one of the List Managers.

In 1996 the SECUSSA national team approved a comprehensive set of SECUSS-L Guidelines which continue to serve as the foundation for the management of the list today.  The original uses for SECUSS-L which continue to be followed today include:

  1. Raising and discussing various broad, national issues and problems concerning education abroad, internationalizing the campus, gaining cross-cultural competence, etc.; to function as an open forum.
  2. Providing notices of all local, regional, and national meetings and conferences of interest to study abroad advisors and program administrators.  This includes NAFSA, CIEE, AACRAO, SIETAR, NSEE, EAIE, AIEA, etc.  Postings should include dates, places, themes, fees, etc..  If possible, program descriptions, keynote topics, etc. should be given, as well as assessments and summaries.
  3. Offering succinct summaries of new articles, books, essays, and other writings on education abroad, perhaps with comments for discussion.  Please give full documentation.  Respect 'fair use' copyright laws.  Please do not post whole articles.
  4. Carrying out brief surveys of facts, trends, opinions, perspectives, where a national or international sample is wanted.
  5. Functioning as an essential link to the NAFSA/SECUSSA Emergency Communications Network, in times of global crises; to provide hard information from overseas and across the country on what the situation really is; to replace rumors with facts.
  6. Assisting study abroad advisors by serving as a place for them to ask questions and receive counsel and perspective from more experienced and/or informed colleagues--about programs, countries, support services, financial aid, etc.--when the resources at hand are inadequate.
  7. Reviewing and updating what we know about the educational systems in countries where American undergraduates wish to study, as changes affect education abroad opportunities.
  8. Linking study abroad advisors and program administrators more openly and quickly with overseas colleagues--in all the above.
  9. Listing job openings in the field.
  10. Suggesting even more SECUSS-L uses to your SECUSSA colleagues.

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SECUSS-L is but one resource for Education Abroad professionals. NAFSA members may also want to post and subscribe to the "SECUSSA" and "OSEAS" topics of the INTER-L listserv.  For information on other listservs that apply to the field of international education, consult the bibliography of Internet Resources.  A listing of listservs for areas of student affairs and higher education administration can be found at   and a general list of listservs can be found at Google email list directory.  Another good resource for overseas information is the NAFSA Overseas Educational Advisors network known as OSEAS. Finally many of the NAFSA affiliated regions have their own both regional and state level associations with listservs, home pages on the web, etc.  For more information go to the NAFSA web site and select

 SECUSSACC - listserv for Community College Study Abroad professionals  information

Please be reminded that the SECUSS-L List Managers reserve the right in their sole discretion to modify subscriptions and remove subscribers from the SECUSS-L subscription list.

SECUSS-L Etiquette, Policies and Appropriate Use Guidelines


Special thanks to Bill Hoffa who as a past SECUSS-L list manager prepared the first edition of this document.

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